List of The Most Advanced Technologies In The World!

Have you ever watched a science fiction movie? Or movies about secret agents, where there are many advanced equipment used. If you used to think that the tools used were just movie props, you were wrong! That most advanced technology is now all around us. And it’s not an exclusive thing anymore, almost anyone can access it. What are some of the most advanced technologies around us?

List of The Most Advanced Technologies In The World!

The more sophisticated a technology is, of course, the easier our lives will be. If in the past we had to wait for the post pack to reply to messages from loved ones, now, we only need to listen to the notification ringing. It’s easy, right? This is just an example of the use of the most advanced technology. The full list is below:

Face Recognition

The most advanced technology in the world on this one is quite revolutionary. From what was originally used for security purposes, it is now used for personal devices, namely smartphones. Facial recognition or face recognition embedded in smartphones can help us unlock without pressing a secret code or password. Just hold your face close and the smartphone will open by itself.

Artificial Intelligence

The next most advanced technology is artificial intelligence or AI. Since its emergence, ai’s advanced technology has continued to receive updates along with the increasing need. There are many activities that are facilitated by the existence of AI. For example, in the social media algorithm system. With AI, the system can personalize social media user feeds, provide friendship suggestions, identify hoax news, and prevent cyberbullying.

AI technology is also present in search engines. They are unlikely to scan everything on the internet and present the results without advanced AI technology. When you type something in Google, the AI will personalize the search so that users can get the desired information. In addition, personalization also allows Google to place whichever ads are suitable for you. Sophisticated isn’t it?

AI technology can also recognize your voice, you know! Click here to see it!


The most advanced technology on this one is still being developed today. Unlike most robots, Nanobot has a very small size. The goal is that nanobots can do various things that are difficult for humans to do, especially in the health sector.

Nanobots assist humans in entering the cells of the body and working in them. Various difficult surgical procedures can also be helped with nanobots.


The next most advanced form of technology is the nerve regulator. As the name suggests, this technology is able to help humans to think. By implanting a chip in the brain, this tool will help human nerves work optimally and increase intelligence to above average. It is not impossible if this technology has a tendency to manipulate the mind. Wow! It’s spooky or cool huh?

Warp Drive

Unlike others, the most advanced technology is so new and has never been seen before that it is still a human dream. Even NASA is still wondering whether the warp drive is real or not.

This advanced technology is also present to meet human needs in shortening space and time. Warp drive allows humans to be able to explore the entire universe. The concept is not much different from a spacecraft that can penetrate time and space quickly.

Electronic Telepathy

As the name suggests, the latter’s most advanced technology is able to connect human thinking with one another. With electronic telepathy, communication between people no longer needs to use the five senses. It is enough to send a certain signal, then your message will reach the interlocutor. In other words, the potential for misspokenness that results in offending people can also be reduced.

Advanced technology makes people’s lives easier and improves a better standard of living. With the right way of use, technology will drive progress in various sectors, from the economy to education.

In addition to some of the advanced technologies above, it turns out that there are VR and AR technologies that are no less sophisticated! Curious, right? Let’s visit the official website of to find out the right technology for your business to apply.

The application of Augmented Reality (AR) technology today continues to grow with its various uses. With the continuous rise of this technology, many creators are developing augmented reality and then being shown in the real world. In the tourism and entertainment industry, AR technology is also widely used to provide different experiences in locations that are visited by many tourists.

Jewel-Rassic Quest

Jewel at Changi Airport collaborated with Heckler Singapore to create a dinosaur augmented reality technology experience. This concept was created so that visitors can get to know some spectacular types of dinosaurs from 89 million years ago.

This augmented reality dinosaurs technology is implemented throughout the floor of Jewel Changi. This interactive game uses AR technology formed in real time. AR technology is used from a technical point of view, background storytelling, to interesting features to provide a new experience when playing Jewel-Rassic Quest.

Later, visitors will be surprised by the formidable augmented reality of triceratops dinosaurs to the fierce Velociraptor. Then there is the dinosaur AR in the rain vortex or artificial waterfall in the Jewel section.

This AR technology also looks realistic like being in Jurassic Park in the movie. This is due to the futuristic and lush Jewel Changi area with various plants inside.

The game is also available in the Canopy Park area of the Jewel area of Changi Airport. Jewel-Rassic Quest consists of four missions that you need to complete. Throughout the game, you can interact with the available dinosaur AR features.

The missions offered include the hunt for six dinosaur eggs hidden around Jewel. The AR technology formed in this game also has interesting features, you know! You can take ar pictures or take a group photo with the dinosaur AR which will later be sent via email.

The Result of The Partnership with Heckler Singapore

Heckler Singapore, which is a visual effects, animation and CGI studio company, chose Jewel Changi Airport to implement this project. Jewel Changi Airport was chosen because everyone visiting Singapore will definitely come and visit this part of the airport.

Even users who don’t have flights can also spend time there. Heckler Singapore crafts the story to fit the surrounding environment which encourages users to explore the entire space.

This spectacular experience can be enjoyed for children aged six years and over and adults. However, you’ll need to purchase a ticket for SGD $22.50 – $25.00 to enjoy this exciting experience.

The ticket price does not include the rental of a tablet device to complete the game mission. You have to pay SGD $50 which will later be refunded after you finish the game. You can complete missions and participate in activities and games while learning more about dinosaurs, interesting huh?

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