Easy way to create Gmail account on mobile and laptop

Easy way to create Gmail account on mobile and laptop-Creating a Gmail account for Android or PC users is a must, because without a Gmail account, of course, important data cannot be synchronized with the device you are using.

You can use your Gmail account to send email messages and create social media accounts. Easy login if your device is already synced with your email

Creating a Gmail account on a cellphone or PC is very easy, please refer to the following steps for more details.

Easy way to create Gmail account on mobile and laptop

This article will show you how to create a Gmail account in two parts, using your phone and using your PC.

Both are very easy to follow. I’ll walk you through each step – I’ll walk you through it. Here’s how to create a Gmail account on your phone or PC.

Composing a new email on your phone is very easy. The ability to create a Gmail account is already available on your phone. When you enter the settings menu, there is a Google menu or add another account.

Then click Manage Google Accounts to view your Google Accounts. If you want to add a new Google Account, scroll down later and you will see the Add another account menu.

On the left side you will find the words “Create account”, click on this section to enter the new Gmail account creation form. Enter your first and last name. If you use this gmail every day, we recommend using the data that matches your ID card.

After filling out the personal data form, you will be asked to create an email address. Google recommends two email addresses, but you can also create your own by clicking the Create your own Gmail address section.

Please enter a password that is difficult for others to know. Next, you will be asked to enter your mobile number.


If you use this email as your primary email, we recommend that you enter the mobile number you use for Gmail verification and security.

If you have, you will see a page like the image later. Click Next to continue writing your email.


After reading the Terms of Service provided by Google, click Agree. You have successfully created a new ru gmail account. Happy.

How to create a Gmail account on PC

Now that you’ve successfully created a new Gmail account on your phone, it’s time to show you how to create an email on your laptop.


Actually not much different from the previous tutorial. You can create a Gmail account by following the steps below.

First, go to the Gmail account creation page. Click here Continue filling out each of the forms provided, including your name, email address, and password. If this email is used as your primary email, please enter it correctly.

You will be asked to confirm your mobile number later, so enter the mobile number you are using. If you don’t want to be asked to verify your mobile number, follow how to create a Gmail account without a mobile number. After entering your mobile number, you will receive a confirmation message later.

After successfully verifying your mobile number, enter your date of birth, gender and e-mail to save your forgotten password. Click the Next button to continue creating your email.


Happy. You have successfully created a new Gmail account. Very easy isn’t it? Writing this email is important.

But what if you forget your Gmail password?

Another important thing about your Gmail account and other social media accounts on your device is the password, but sometimes you forget the password you created. What is the solution if you encounter this problem?

How to fix forgotten Gmail account password for real journal?

If you forget your Gmail password, there are several ways to change it. Also, to change your Gmail password, Google expects it to recover your account. This is done by answering security questions and using a recovery email address and recovery mobile number.

go to google page

The first way to change your Gmail password is to go to your accounts.google.com browser page. Then, if you forget your password, you can select the words Forgot Password under the Password column.


After that, you’ll need to enter the Gmail address you normally use into your Google Account. Then click the Next button and re-enter the old password you used once. Your old password is used if you change your Gmail password before you forget your latest password.


From then on, follow the process provided by Google to completion. Please follow all steps taken to verify that you are the correct account owner. This step is also done to simplify the next process.


If it’s done and it’s still not working, sign in to your Gmail account. You will be prompted with a few questions and a recovery email address.

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