Developments And Benefits Of Information Technology Today

Developments And Benefits Of Information Technology Today-The more advanced the technology, the more fields there are and need to be developed. One of them is information technology.

Developments And Benefits Of Information Technology Today

This is a field that is closely related to technological developments. Without information technology, such development would probably not be possible. The general definition of information technology is the study of the design, implementation, development, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly in hardware and software applications.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of information technology (IT) is a collective term for technologies that help humans create, modify, store, communicate, and disseminate information. Information technology is any technology that has the ability to process data, process data, obtain, compile, store, or change data in various ways to obtain useful or quality information. Furthermore, the function of information technology is to solve problems, open up creativity, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of human activities.

Information technology can be described as various facilities consisting of hardware and software to support and improve the quality of public information quickly and of high quality. From the brief description, of course we can see how important this information technology is for humans. For more information on the meaning, function and benefits of information technology, please refer to the discussion below.

Definition of information technology

Information technology is generally defined as the study of designing, implementing, developing, supporting or managing computer-based information systems, particularly hardware and software. According to ITTA (Information Technology Association of America), the definition of information technology is the research, design, implementation, development, support or management of computer-based information systems, especially computer hardware and software applications. Information technology uses electronic computers and computer software to securely modify, store, process, protect, transmit and retrieve information.

Information technology is not only important as a means of communicating exclusively electronically (read: understanding of communication), but as a means of coordinating and archiving important documents, is an important tool that must be owned by businesses. Information technology is currently being applied to an important part of information management due to the increasingly complex management tasks, the impact of the international economy (globalization), the need for faster response times, and pressure from business competition.

Information technology function

Of course, the existence of information technology has an important function. It is hard to imagine that the existence of information technology does not have a significant impact on life. Information technology has at least six functions: capture, storage, processing, transmission, retrieval and generation. Below are the six functions of information technology, namely:


Capture here can be interpreted as input. For example, receiving input from microphone, keyboard, scanner, etc. The captcha function may also be familiar when used to store certain information.

The function of information technology as a processor (processing)

This information technology feature compiles detailed records of your activities, including receiving input from keyboard, scanner, microphone, etc. Processing facilitates the processing of files and data.

It processes or processes incoming input data into information.

Data processing or processing can be in the form of all forms of data and information, in the form of transformation (converting data into other forms), analysis (condition analysis), calculation (calculation), synthesis (merging). Using this feature definitely makes it easier for users

The function of information technology as a generator

Generative capability is where technology acts as a tool to organize information into a more oriented and understandable format. Simple examples are graphs and tables.

Information technology functions as storage

This information technology facility records or stores data and information on media that can be used for other purposes. For example, they are stored on hard disks, cassettes, floppy disks, CDs (compact discs), etc.

Information technology functions as a search

The function of this information technology is to browse, retrieve information, or copy stored data or information (for example, search for paid suppliers). This makes it easy for the user and saves time because the stored data can be overcrowded with this feature and hard to find.

The function of information technology as communication

This information technology functions to transmit data and information from one place to another

at another place via a computer network. For example, sending sales data from User A to other users. No need to copy one by one, just share with each other.

Information technology goals

The purpose of information technology is to solve problems, open up creativity, and increase effectiveness and efficiency in doing work. Therefore, it can be said that the openness of human creativity and efficiency in working for problem solving needs is the cause or criterion for the creation of information technology. The existence of information technology makes human work easier and more efficient. In other words, this information technology is created because the work system is in dire need of solutions, creativity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Information technology advantages

The benefits of information technology in our daily activities are very important. This advantage can be used as a support for a better life because of the existence of information technology that can help activities become more effective and efficient. These benefits can be categorized based on needs such as:

for education

With the presence of information technology in the world of education, especially computers, it makes students more effective in learning. The computer is a tool as well as a source of information that facilitates the development of student creativity.

For industry and manufacturing

Information technology can assist in designing product designs issued to industry and controlling production machines with a high degree of precision. Moreover, as we know, the industry needs something fast for mass production.

For business and banking

Information technology makes transactions easier, stores files more securely, and enables more sophisticated banking systems. And access can be easily controlled via technology alone.

for military personnel

Advanced information technology can be used to navigate submarines, control rudders or rudderless spacecraft. The presence of military technology also allows us to make access when we are in a state of emergency.

for technique and knowledge

Information technology can be used to study soil structure, wind and weather. And it helps to count. Access to knowledge is now everywhere and easily accessible only with the internet. The same is true in engineering and certain projects.

for drugs

It can be used to diagnose diseases and take pictures of all the organs of the body with a computer. In fact technology is an integral part of today’s medical disciplines such as scanning, radiology and ultrasound.

for the government

Information technology can be applied to the processing of data and information intended for the public. This can improve the relationship between the government and its citizens. So that we can use technology to quickly find out what is happening in a particular area.

for entertainment and games

Computer technology can be used to create animation, advertising, graphic design, and audiovisuals to make them better and more interesting. Even now at the same time a lot of certain programmers are creating jobs for him.

for crime scene

Technology makes it easier for officials to solve problems and can easily detect traffic violations and fingerprint violations. Even crimes such as cybercrimes can be easily traced through technology.

conclusion and conclusion

The description above is certainly complete enough to add to your insight into information technology. The components used in information technology include hardware, software, brainware (intelligence in humans/users), data, information and knowledge. All these components form a single unit to realize information technology.

Many of the positive impacts caused by the existence of information technology have negative aspects. The negative impact is that the younger generation is increasingly addicted to and dependent on the development of this technology. Therefore, as technology develops, we must act wisely. This is done to avoid these bad effects.

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