30 unique and interesting facts in various worlds

30 unique and interesting facts in various worlds-Various unique and interesting facts that have never been thought of by us Don’t even think you know everything. Because in this world there are always things you never imagined.

30 unique and interesting facts in various worlds

And it’s real, Companions! It’s not just a thumbs up. Whether it’s facts about human anatomy or other objects on the planet.

Here are unique and interesting facts that may never have crossed our minds.

      1.The largest postal object ever sent through the State Post Office

of the United States is the building, In 1916. A young entrepreneur named William H. Coltharp decided to build a new bank in Vernal, Utah.

Of course, Coltharp could not send the finished building by mail. He therefore sent her a ‘wall per wall’.

How? Coltharp requested that 80,000 bricks of seeds placed in 40 crates weighing 22 kilograms each be shipped from a brick company in Salt Lake through the post office.

Coltharp reasoned, delivery by mail is the cheapest way to make bricks for building construction materials. Because of coltharp’s actions, the US Post Office has banned the delivery of postal objects exceeding 90 kg in a day since 1916.

     2.Frog rain

In 1997, one of the cities in Mexico once had a frog rain. The rare event was evenly distributed throughout the country.

  1. Human senses during sleep

The only human sense that does not function during sleep is the sense of smell.

  1. The astronauts

The astronauts are prohibited from eating legume-type food before going into space. Because it can cause them to fart easily. And fart gas is very dangerous for their space suit.

  1. Ingenious crocodile

Adult polar bears usually eat only the skin and fat of their prey. They will leave meat for children and other predators.

  1. The Innuits of the Arctic

Some Innuits in the Arctic actually use refrigerators to prevent their food from freezing, because the climate in their environment is colder than the coldest refrigerators.

  1. The largest source of gold on Earth

In the ocean, there is 200 times more gold than has ever been unearthed in human history.

  1. William Shakespeare

The famous poet and writer William Shakespeare pronounced his name in several different ways.

  1. The secret of the lion tamer

Interesting facts

Lion tamers in circuses use chairs because lions can only focus on one object when attacking. When pushed a chair with four legs, the lion will retreat because it feels confused.

  1. Eraser

Before the eraser was invented, people used breadcrumbs to erase pencil writing and ink.

  1. Human brain

Our brain is more active when we sleep than when watching television.

  1. Hercules beetle

The Hercules beetle weighing only 100 grams can lift weights of up to 8 kilograms. Because of this the Beetle of Hercules was nicknamed the strongest living creature on Earth.

  1. Japanese legends

There is a legend in Japan that says that if an umbrella is left unattended for a long time, then the umbrella will turn into a creepy monster named Kasaobake which only has one leg and one eye.

  1. Men’s only restaurant

The first self-service restaurant was established in New York and accepted only male diners. In the restaurant, customers ate while standing.

  1. Birth Control Pills

Extraordinary! It turns out that birth control pills for humans work also on gorillas.

  1. Birds fly backwards

Although it can’t walk on the ground, the hummingbird is the only bird nation that can fly while retreating.


  1. Unix license plates

License plates in New Hampshire always include the words ‘Live FreeorDie’. The unique license plate was made by inmates in the U.S. state’s prison.

  1. It is forbidden to sell dolls

In France it is forbidden to sell dolls without a human face.

  1. Number of dice niches

If added together, the numbers on the opposite sides of a dice are equal to 7.

  1. Large villages

In native American languages, the word Canada means a large village.

  1. Flag of Nepal

Nepal is the only country in the world whose flag shape is not rectangular.

24. Mongolia has the lowest population density in the world

Mongolia is a vast country and surrounded by land. Its breadth is from Russia to the north to China to the south. It’s not the biggest country in the world by size, but it feels like that because

Mongolia has the lowest population density in the world – in some regions, it is not impossible not to see others for so long.

With different and dramatic landscapes, including mountainous areas, penara at different elevations, verdant grasslands and grass areas in arid deserts, it is perhaps the trick we dream of.

25. Granada, Spain

famous as the ‘cave capital’ in Europe The caves of Sacromonte and guadix in Granada are residences for the community who still enjoy the ancient Spanish way of life, i.e. settling in caves. It dates back to the 15th century. Carved into the stone unstractively, there are 2,000 underground houses in this brick formation. In the past, such caves were places where the crowds fled to avoid religious oppression and religious persecution. Today, it is a place where people can continue life using the earth’s resources, just like the generations before them.

26. Oymyakon, Russia,

It is the world’s coolest populated place The Oymyakon Valley in Yakutia – or ‘The Pole of Cold’ – is located in northeastern Russia. Here, the temperature can be tense to -70°C – it is so cool, that the alcohol also becomes frozen. With not so much modern convenience available, this seemingly unsuitable village is home to 500 Siberians with traditional occupations such as herding deer, hunting and fishing. Tourism activities are also increasingly popular among those who dare to respect the distorted circumstances.

27. Chinese

has created a replica of the city of Paris Located on the edge of the city of Hangzhou, China, the local inhabitants staged it ‘Little Paris’.

The construction of this luxurious treasure is the result of an amazing fostered and vocational art. It is complete with a replica of the Eiffel Tower (although its size is one-third of the size of the actual tower, it is the second largest replica after the replica at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, United States),

The Arc De Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, the pancut waters of the Jardin du Luxembourg as well as the inaugural version of the French capital, with cream-colored neoclassical buildings.

28. Bahamas

is where the largest underwater statue in the world is located

Although the water is very clear, it is not the most attractive attraction in New Providence. Located beneath the surface of the ocean is the world’s largest underwater statue (60 tas long and 18 ft high), which is named ‘Ocean Atlas’. The artist behind the statue, Jason deCaires Taylor, created a variety of underwater statues that usually draw marine life back to the barren seabed one in the past.

29.Galesnjak, Croatia,

Is the most perfect heart-shaped island Although there are several heart-shaped islands around the world, Galesnjak in Croatia has been named the most perfect among all these islands. It wasn’t inhabited by one in the past, but work is now underway to make it a romantic destination that should not be forgotten. It will soon become a place for the majlis of marriage and honeymoon.


is the cleanest country in the world Charming place, interesting culture and good coffee; Denmark has a stunning appeal. Even better, it is now a global pioneer for the environmental world as it is rated as the cleanest country in the world by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) for 2021. Denmark’s forward-thinking attitude about the nature of the environment is part of everyday local life – for example the city’s current CopenHill building. It is a waste energy plant that processes the city’s waste to heat and power, but it also has a ‘dry ski’ slope built on its roof. Throughout the year, you’ll be able to see families and professionals enjoying the adrenaline rush to slide down

Thus an interesting series about the uniqueness of countries in the world that you need to know, hopefully this article will be useful and add to your insight.

If there is a uniqueness that you know, please write it in the kometar column.

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